Energy and Climate Policy are prominent areas for cooperation among BSEC member states, especially in the context of the security of the EU energy supply as well as emerging regional energy and emission markets. The Black Sea region is moving towards a new phase of development intending also to assimilate and participate in the ERA procedures. Moreover, in the most official manner (BSEC Energy Ministers in the Baku Declaration) the states of the region declared their preposition to support initiatives resulting in the convergence of national energy and climate policies.

Issues related to sustainable energy development, such as security and diversification of EU energy supply, trans-continental energy corridors, energy market development, energy efficiency, renewable energy sources, climate change adaptation and mitigation concerns, regional cooperation and stability affect the policies that the EU introduces to the broader Black Sea region. Cooperation on RTD activities concerning energy and climate policy issues may become the catalyst for enhancing the bonds of scientific cooperation between the relevant societies of EU and Black Sea countries.

Such cooperation encourages and supports the mobilization of the pertinent human resources of the region. It also assists the scientific communities of the region to become familiar with the ERA procedures and activities in order to participate in relevant programs.

Started with six (6) research centers, KEPA (Greece), GPOGC (Azerbaijan), BSREC (Bulgaria), IPE (Moldova), ISPE (Romania) and ESEMI (Ukraine), PROMITHEASnet counts today twenty-five (25) research centres from Black Sea States, forming its network.