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Written by Eleni-Danai Mavraki   
Monday, 27 January 2014 13:16

Under the auspices of

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Hellenic Chairmanship    


The Conference

The 7th International Scientific Conference on “Energy and Climate Change” of the PROMITHEASnet will take place at the premises of NKUA (Kostis Palamas building) on October 8-10, 2014 in Athens, Greece.

The History

The PROMITHEAS Conference started as an activity of a FP6 funded project and has developed as an annual Conference for scientists and researchers working in energy and climate change policy issues.



The Energy Policy and Development Centre (NKUA-KEPA), coordinator of the PROMITHEAS Net is an academic research institute (within the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens). 


Contact details of KEPA

Energy Policy and Development Centre (KEPA)

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Panepistimiopolis, KEPA Building

157-84 Athens, Greece

Tel.: (+30) 210-7275732, (+30) 210-7275809

Fax: (+30) 210-7275828

E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Important dates

Deadlines for the 4th open call

Submission of abstracts:   8 September 2014

Notification of acceptance: 12 September 2014

Submission of full paper:   2 October 2014

Important documents

Abstract template

 Conference Brochure

Scientific Committee

Registration Form






For registration to the conference it is necessary to complete the Registration Form and send it to NKUA-KEPA, by 27 September, 2014. 

The registration fee amounts to 400 €.

Special registration fees will apply for the following cases:

  • 200 € for phD students.
  • 250 € for scientists of the PROMITHEASnet members. 
  • 100 € for accompanying persons (others than the co-authors).
  • 50 € for each additional contribution. Each accepted abstract is presented by the registered author. In case of multiple presentations by only one registered author the additional contribution fee will be paid.

*** Registration Form ***

Payments, Cancelations and VISA

Abstracts and papers

The Conference Language is English. For the Scientific and the Brokerage parts intending contributors should submit initially only abstracts. Electronic submission (in MS Word format) through e-mail is strongly recommended. 

PROMITHEAS network invites scientists, researchers, PhD candidates and engineers from the academic, scientific, engineering and industrial sectors to participate and contribute in promoting and disseminating scientific knowledge. Participants are welcomed to submit abstracts relevant to the following themes/ topics or to combinations of them:

 Accomodation and Transportation

Each participant will have to handle his/her booking and pay directly to the hotel, indicating on the registration form the hotel he/she will select. The following list includes recommended hotels. Participants should mention “PROMITHEAS CONFERENCE” when booking. Please look at the “How to get around" Guide to see the transportation from/to airport, in relation with the Conference and most of the hotels.



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 Accepted Abstracts

Energy Policy

  1. Participatory Backcasting Approach in Energy Planning –An Experience from the City of Niš, by Dr. Marija ŽIVKOVIC, Prof. Dejan IVEZIC, M.Sc. Aleksandar MADŽAREVIC and M.Sc. Dimitrije MANIC, Serbia
  2. Monitoring of the German Energiewende – institutional setting and scientific challenges, by Pabst, Jeannette, Germany
  3. Gas-To-Wire As A Way Of Bridging The Energy Gap In A Developing Country, by Mr. Emeka OJIJIAGWO, Prof. Chike F. ODUOZA and Dr. Nwabueze EMEKWURU, United Kingdom.
  4. Policy Coordination for Green Bioeconomy – A Manifesto for Southern Europe, by Prof. Emmanuel KOUKIOS and Prof. Massimo MONTELEONE, Hellas

A.2 Renewable Energy Sources

  1. Validation and utilization of numerical weather model data in energy systems analysis, modelling and forecasting of decentralized renewable electricity production, by Hans SCHERMEYER, Valentin BERTSCH and Wolf FICHTNER, Germany
  2. Impact of distributed generation on power system: case study, by Dr. Astrit BARDHI, Prof. Ass. Myrteza BRANESHI and Msc. Alfred PJETRI, Albania
  3. Potentials of Biofuel Generation from Organic Waste: A Pilot project at a Composting Facility in Darmstadt, Germany, by Dipl.-Ing. Jan Kannengiesser and Prof. Dr. Johannes Jager, Germany
  4. Economic analysis of an offshore wind farm near Samothraki island, by Dipl. Eng. E. I. Konstantinidis, Dipl. Eng. D. G. Kompolias and Associate Professor P. N. Botsaris. Hellas
  5. Horizon scanning for social sustainability in the bioenergy value chain, by MBA Elena Fedorova and Dr. Eva Pongrácz, Finland
  6. Recycled waste plastics composite: Possible construction material for wind turbine blades, by Ms. Janet M. MWANIA, Dr. Michael J. GATARI, Mr. David M. MAINA and Prof. Robert KINYUA, Kenya.
  7. Energy and Exergy Analysis Concepts: Modelling of Olkaria II Geothermal Power Plant in Kenya, by Mr. Nahshon NYAMBANE, Dr. Michael J. GATARI, Dr. John G. GITHIRI and Dr. Nicholas O. MARIITA, Kenya.
  8. Reforming Energy Subsidies for a Better Implementation of Renewable Energies in Tunisia, by Asma DHAKOUANI, Dr. Essia ZNOUDA and Pr. Chiheb BOUDEN, Tunisia.
  9. Biodiesel Production from Microalgal Systems: A Resource Based Feasibility and GHG Assessment, by Lazaros KARAOGLANOGLOU, Dr. Dimitrios KOULLAS, Spyros DAMILOS, Dr. Ioannis TZOVENIS and Prof. Emmanuel KOUKIOS, Hellas.
  10. Investigating the opportunities for wave energy in the Aegean Sea, by Mr. George Lavidas, Dr. Vengatesan Venugopal, United Kingdom.
  11. Feed-in Tariff Reform in PV Sector: What’s the Next Step?, by Dr. Anton Ming-Zhi GAO, Taiwan.
  12. Wind, Biomass and Solar Energy Resources in Egypt, by Prof. Zeinab SAFAR, DR. Monuir W LABIB and DR. Wael Farag KESHK, Egypt
  13. Potentials of Biofuel Generation from Organic Waste: A Pilot project at a Composting Facility in Darmstadt, Germany, by Dipl.-Ing. Jan Kannengiesser and Prof. Dr. Johannes Jager, Germany
  14. Legal issues in Chinese international trade disputes on photovoltaic products-On the perfection of green subsidies WTO rules, by Prof. Chien Te FAN and Mr. Dongdong SONG, Taiwan
  15. Risks and opportunities of Eucalyptus planting (Case study in the framework of the GIZ-German-Madagascan Environmental program), by Laura PRILL, Prof Dr. Michael Köhl and Dr. Daniel PLUGGE, Germany

B.1 Climate Change

  1. A review on climate change adaptation policies for the transportation sector, by Mr. Iraklis STAMOS and Dr. Evangelos MITSAKIS, Hellas
  2. Assessing climate change effects on hydropower generation in Rwanda, by Theoneste UHORAKEYE, Germany
  3. Economic Globalization, Global energy issues and Climate Change China in global perspective, by Meriem HAMDI-CHERIF and Dr. Henri-David WAISMAN, France
  4. The use of alkaline industrial waste in the capture of carbon dioxide, by Dr Jolanta JASCHIK, Dr Manfred JASCHIK and Prof. Krzysztof WARMUZINSKI, Poland
  5. Climate Change Impacts on the Water Resources of the Vorotan River Basin, by Ms. Naira ASLANYAN, Mr. Benyamin ZAKARYAN and Mr. Hamlet MELKONYAN, Armenia
  6. Assessment of Water Harvesting System for a Smart Building Considering Climate Change, by Dr. Mawada ABDELLATIF, Prof. Ahmed Al-SHAMMA’A, Sue TUNNINGTON, Prof. Rafid AL khaddar andDr. William ATHERTON, United Kingdom.
  7. Scenarios for a Greenhouse Gas Neutral Society in Germany, by Mark Nowakowski, Germany
  8. New Approach for Climate Change Impact Assessment on Hydro chemical and Hydrological Regimes of Rivers, by Ms. Liana MARGARYAN, Dr. Hamlet MELKONYAN and Prof. Gevorg PIRUMYAN, Armenia
  9. The Norwegian support and subsidy policy of electric cars. Should it be adopted by other countries? by Professor Anders SKONHOFT, Norway
  10. Energy Demand Analysis and Energy Saving Potentials in the Greek Road Transport Sector, by Christos Bitos and Dr. Spyros Kiartzis, Hellas
  11. Trade in sustainable energy technologies vs. climate change & aviation: Comparing global sustainability governance approaches, by Mr. Joachim MONKELBAAN and Dr. Alexandre Babak Hedjazi, Switzerland


  1. European Gas Assessment (EU-Gas) model, by Andreas Kandiros, Marc Bonazountas and Anestis Tripitsidis, Hellas
  2. SUNSHINE: Smart Urban Services for Higher Energy Efficiency, by Alkis Astyakopoulos, Stelios Kalogridis and Marc Bonazountas, Hellas
  3. CIRCLE- 2/ Adapt-Med “Is current decision making “adapted to internalize adaptation” into policy making? Project Presentation, by Theodora Paramana, Prof. Serafim Poulos, George Alexandrakis, Vincent Jolivet and Silvia Luis, Hellas
  4. GHG Emissions - Verifying Inventories, by Dr. Hratch G. HEMERJIAN and Dr. James R. WHETSTONE, USA
  5. European CCS Demonstration Project Network: Real life experiences towards a low carbon world, by Zoe Kapetaki, Anna Dubowik and John Scowcroft, Belgium
  6. Sustainability Policy and practice: An Executive Re-training program (SUPER), by Prof. Emmanuel KOUKIOS, Mr. Lazaros KARAOGLANOGLOU, Ms. Sofia PAPADAKI and Dr. Dimitrios KOULLAS, Hellas
  7. Mobilizing and transferring knowledge on post-2012 climate policy, by Dr. Charikleia KARAKOSTA, Ms. Anastasia IOANNOU and Ass. Prof. Alexandros FLAMOS, Hellas
  8. Crisis-resilience and competitiveness of Europe’s Eco-Industries, by Mr. Benjamin GÖRLACH, Mr. Lucas PORSCH, Mr. Dominic MARCELLINO and Mr. Adam PEARSON, Germany
  9. Belenos Activities in the field of green energy and its storage, by Dr. Elli VARKARAKI
  10. Case study in the framework of the Economics of Land Degradation Initiative on energy-wood plantations in northern Madagascar, by Mr. Gernot GAUGER, Germany
  11. Accelerating progress towards the Green Economy, by Ms. Anastasia IOANNOU and Ass. Prof. Alexandros FLAMOS, Hellas
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