The Training process of PROMITHEAS - 4 project is addressing to academics, national market stakeholders, ministerial bodies, researchers, PhD candidates, relevant to Climage Change Policy and mixtures and to Mitigation / Adaptations thematics, mostly coming from Black Sea and Central Asia regions.
The process is divided into two (2) parts.

Part A.
 was an E-class, where participants attended seven (7) modules regarding the Climate Change Policy Mixtures, lasting four (4) months (March - June 2012). At the end of this period, there was a week of examinations.
At the beginning of e-class, the expected number of participants was 24 from the 12 beneficiary countries of the project. 
However, the number of applicants who registered for the lessons reached the 110, from European Union, Black Sea, Africa, USA and Central Asia regions
During the period of 4 months, participants were submitting assignments for each module and had the opportunity to discuss any questions with their Instructors. The topics covered were the Climate Change policy Mixtures and the participants familiarized with the LEAP model and the AMS method, important tools for anyone interested to work on climate change policies. 
At the end of the e-class examinations, 19 participants met all the standards of the Instructors, in such a way, that are considered as "Succeed". However, many from the participants who failed to pass all the modules had great perfomance in some of them.

Final Grades

Analytical Grades / Module

Part B. is a Case Study Seminar that will take place in Athens (Greece) on December 2012 and only participants who have successfully passed the e-class exams will have the right to attend it. This Seminar will last one (1) week.
From each of the PROMITHEAS-4 beneficiary countries, two (2) participants with the highest grades will have their travel costs covered by the project (24 participants in total).

Development and assessment of Mitigation  - Adaptation  Policy portfolios
( A case study seminar for the countries of BSEC Estonia and Kazakhstan)

Following a four months tele-teaching courses, in the content of PROMITHEAS - 4 (FP7) knowledge transfer activities, a case study seminar is organized in KEPA premises in Athens
from Monday 3rd to Friday 7th of December 2012.

Draft agenda, Instructors CV and Modules breakdown will be uploaded soon.

PROMITHEAS - 4 is covering travel and accommodation expenses for 2coming from beneficiary countries and have achieved passing grades in the tele-teaching courses.
Those who do not belong to the beneficiary countries but have passing grades and are interested to participate at the Seminar, please contact us to arrange the details.
Others that they are interested to be acquainted with the content of the seminar may also accepted on a limited basis nafd on their own expenses.

Those who have succeed in the tele- teaching courses will receive shortly their Certificates.